About Us

Hi! DayChainz is an e-commerce retail fashion jeweler that sells high quality stainless steel jewelry. We launched DayChainz in September, 2020. Originally selling through Amazon, we gained traction and attention from buyers everywhere. In May 2021, we added our signature logo to every chain. Since May we have made incremental improvements to our chains and added new products to our line. At the end of July 2021, fashion influencer Cam Stylez made a viral TikTok that helped soar our brand to new heights. This push allowed us to expand to products outside of just stainless steel chains. In October 2021, we started offering new jewelry pieces such as rings and 14K gold plated chains. We here at DayChainz are committed to providing quality jewelry pieces at an affordable price!

Always available where it is convenient!

Have a question? Issue with an order? DM us on Instagram to get your questions answered and your issues resolved! Don't worry about having to pull up your email, we are available where it is convenient for you. (We can always be contacted at company@daychainz.com as well!)

**NOTE: Do not call us until you have attempted to email/dm us. Only call if there is no response within 72 hours. We answer all emails/dms in 48 hours, 72 if contacted over the weekend. Unless otherwise stated on our website in red letters.

What's next for DayChainz?

DayChainz has been growing like crazy and we cannot thank all of our supporters enough. We are always trying to expand, so here is what's coming next:

Chain Bracelets
New Ring Designs
New Chain Stacks
New Pendant Chains